August 26, 2016
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August 25, 2016

We are busy building things. We upend something old to build something new and the transition area is called the construction site. What better place to look for evidence of our habits.

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July 16, 2016

Always around this time, July, the fireflies or lighting bugs begin drifting through the evening space flaring up ever so gently. It’s festive, yet quiet. A mystery, still, that an organism so small can be seen from so far. They bring down the stars in the universe to settle for a time in the intimate night air we walk through, the cosmos brought down to a size more familiar.

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July 3, 2016

This will be the first in the series, The Evidence of Human Activity. Homo sapiens is a remarkable species, leaving evidence of its passing wherever it goes. In the days before plastic, to find evidence of our ancestors was special, the burial flowers at Shanidar, the tessera in the basilica at Aqueleia, the arrow heads and pewter ware in Jamestown. Now it is rare not to see someone’s remains wherever we go, our pastime tossed from windows of passing car, our newspapers and candy wrappers, our see-through sandwich bags, Styrofoam cups, plastic straws. . . But George Carlin was right, Earth doesn’t give a hoot about our plastic whirlpools in the mid Pacific. It’s the same effluvium of both cosmic and tellurian sources. But it’s our esthetic that hurts, the understanding that we must see ourselves in the evidence of our endless consumption, our souls in a trash can speculorum.

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June 22, 2016

Summer arrived yesterday. The full flush of dark green now prevails. A month ago it was different. Even the evergreens feel the tidal shifts loosing old needles, dabbing the face with green rouge.

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June 8, 2016

The struggle between good and evil continues, and the definition of each depends on what we believe. The Writer creeps back toward the beginning, the beginning of individual time, to find the original optimism that gave him the desire to step into the here and now.

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April 30, 2016

The pain and suffering throughout the world is showing no signs of letting up. The individual can’t stem the tide of a humanity gone mad. But the individual can make personal choices. To either stoke the fires of greedy hatred or feed those within reach through love. Only the brave choose love.

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April 1, 2016

I was reading about the collision of two black holes circling one another at the edge of time in the New York Times(Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory by Denis Applebye, 2/12/2016). The event happened long ago. Yet those who revel in the great questions of the universe had invented an instrument that could “hear” the passing of these gravitational waves distorting time as they traveled away from the dark holes colliding. The holes themselves had once been massive stars since imploded into negative space. These waves traveled the entirety of the universe and for a fraction of a second passed through Earth and each of us setting off a tintinnabulation of recorded measures at two locations that spoke of marvels to those ready and willing to hear it. The music was recorded by machines. For the writer a message of this nature, a marvelous episode outside the human realm, on such a scale as to be unimaginable, is a clarion call from my moral center to continue working individually toward achieving a peace for all living things. Doing good, even in small ways, is better than doing none all.

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February 5, 2016

If we follow the logic of Augustine or later Aquinas and accept that evil is the loss of good, an imperfect good, a cancer diminishing a healthy moral body, then perhaps we can see hate as something less than love, an imperfect love. In the communal body of people love is good, a necessity that keeps the social species, Homo sapiens, together, bonded and content. Love is a glue. Hate on the other hand is a solvent. Hatred belongs to the child who hasn’t learned yet, the process of working out problems with his or her mates. It is a flaw in the social network when one tribe decides it wants to destroy another tribe and possess its land. It is flaw when the zealots of one religion want to destroy or erase anyone who believes differently than themselves. It is a flaw when the corporation seeks a profit that knowingly damages the members of a social matrix. It is a flaw when an authority seeks to preserve its power at the expense of its citizenry. It is the flaw of zealous citizens who would put their own interests before that of the body politic. It is a flaw to despair human weakness when there are so many good at hand. The here and now is flesh and blood. If we can’t forgive, then we’ll never forget.

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