The Rock Pile


February 6, 2017

Humans are obsessed with self-description, the “I”, the big “I”. Plants just “are.” They are “being,” the verb. Humans are self-aware, self conscious, an image frozen in a mirror. Humans are all about “self-aggrandizement.” When humans see a tree, they think only of what the tree means to them, to their well being. Perhaps it is a thing of beauty which may give the human a rush of euphoria and today this will be registered with photos or with what is referred to as selfies in front of the tree. It may mean shade. It may be something needing removal, something in the way. When the tree is cut down, it’s “being” is transformed by the busy human into a thing. An inert substance that becomes a floor or a cabinet or a luxury item, an object, much like the human, who possesses it. That once this tree was home to civilizations from our own Animal Kingdom, as well as from the other Kingdoms whom we can’t see, is lost to us. That this tree can, to paraphrase a scientist, Tim Plowman, “eat light,” store carbon, provide oxygen is lost to us. And this short sightedness, if not corrected with a heightened intelligence(HI), will eventually kill us.

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February 2, 2017

With time unwinding through the reel of a fly rod releasing its bait into our pool of reality, we can find, looking back, each revolution a repetition of a character or an event, never the same but similar. In this case the accruing of power in the hands of those behind the scenes. Martin Bormann, Hitler Secretary; Saloth Sar, the hidden power behind the Khmer Rouge, later known as Pol Pot; and our very own Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump master mind of what the writer would call the Theory of Vengeance.
- Martin Bormann (1927 – 1945):
- Saloth Sar (1963 – 1978): The Vietnam Experience: The Aftermath: Chapter 3, Revolution Against Revolution
- Stephen Bannon: (2016 – ?): contemporary media.

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January 22, 2017

The Method: Originally, I remembered Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche saying “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” I was confident. But when I went to look for this quote in his work, I couldn’t find it. A search on the Internet was equally barren. Even on the Internet no one attributed this quote to him. However I discovered Edmund Burke had said it. The search revealed numerous sites with Burke’s famous quote. But when I wanted a source, I couldn’t find where he had said it. I needed a book, a page, to be sure. And there seemed many variations to the quote. Finally, thanks to Wikipedia I landed on George Santayana, someone I’m not familiar with but soon will be. I found the book and the page. I have yet to read the actual book and underline the actual quote. So even here, history is slippery. Has it ever been different?

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The Gardener Returns,Part 1, Audio

November 27, 2014

The Gardener Returns, Part 1, an audio version – for commuters, travelers, and those whose attention is compromised by the rapid transition of events – for I am one of you.

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On The Spiraling Circle Of Good And Other Nuts And Bolts, Part VI

October 12, 2014

Writer and Gardener conclude that nothing remains the same, ideas, beliefs, even the revelations of someone’s god or gods change because over time people, believers and non believers alike, select from the past what they want and or need to follow, throwing all the loose nuts and bolts aside. And so the Writer is Optimistic, like the Frenchman and the Gardener is busy at his work.

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On The Spiraling Circle Of Good And Other Nuts And Bolts, Part V

July 27, 2014

In which the Writer and the Gardener while circling around the writings of the Frenchman, find themselves circling in a spiral where religious law stands above constitutional law. But even here, after carefully studying the evidence, Writer and Gardener come to the conclusion that the verdict against Sodom is erroneous. Humans, being humans, will always build a case against anyone who has what they want.

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On The Spiraling Circle Of Good And Other Nuts And Bolts, Part IV:B

June 27, 2014

In which the Writer and the Gardener continue circling around the writings of the Frenchman, where they espy below the smoldering remnants in a place called Waco which confuses and bewilders them, it’s presence not unlike the ruins on the plains of Jordan, they’d read of in an earlier part. Could this be god’s wrath or the wrath of the majority and if of the majority, how can so few remember having had any thought on it before it came about?

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On The Spiraling Circle Of Good And Other Nuts And Bolts, Part IV A

May 27, 2014

In which the Writer and the Gardener circle around the writings of the Frenchman, who visited the United States during its growing years and foresaw the difficulty of determining if We, the People is the majority as well as all the rest of us. In this section our intrepid duo try to determine if the Frenchman is a Liberal or a Conservative.

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On The Spiraling Circle Of Good And Other Nuts And Bolts, Part III

March 24, 2014

In which the Writer and the Gardener must determine why the spiral of good often descends into the murky atmosphere of misconception, sometimes aided by the ASS virus, which simplifies the irrational.

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