The Anatomy Of A Saint

FOREWORD to The Anatomy Of A Saint, A Story

June 19, 2011

When I first wrote the Anthony Morales Story I hadn’t heard of sexting. Now ten years later, according to some surveys, at least sixty percent of us are sexting, or to use the lingo of the moment, do sexting. Are we talking masturbation? So what? Masturbation is no different than spitting, blowing your nose and all the other forms of organic elimination, physical or mental. Piss can poison a well and semen can trigger a birth. Ask the former governor of California. But let’s face it, males masturbate even when we’re having sex with real people. If you’re fucking the cultural image of sexy, you’re masturbating. We carry the image inside us. This isn’t tragic, it is what it is. Just ask all the women who are trying to fit the image. It’s the cornerstone of procreation. But love and sex are two different things. Sex is necessary since it can lead to love, but that will only happen if two people are willing to work beyond the attraction born of images. Someone who cares for you, which is the core of any loving relationship, won’t go on TV and expose you.

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The Lives Of The Saints – The Anatomy Of A Saint, Chapter Three

April 26, 2009

She was walking toward me on her way to the downtown entrance. I’d never been this close to her before. She was morphing through a series of seductive versions. But when we were side by side, an arm’s length away, her blond hair in disarray, the Goddess was nowhere to be seen. An older, swarthy woman passed by. Was this my underworld queen or her mother? My god! Her makeup couldn’t hide the wrinkles under her eyes, the worries etched across her face. I recognized the dress, tight and revealing. But it was poorly made, the fabric, illustrated with peonies, was faded. It had all the innocence of a homey tablecloth one might find on a picnic table in Riverside Park. If she had once been a temple for the Goddess, she was now deserted.

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The Lives Of The Saints – The Anatomy Of A Saint, Chapter Two

April 21, 2009

Besides, if The Nameless One had the power to make me go out and buy Her things, what extravagant items would She demand next to maintain my interest? Would She require makeup and net stockings? This was becoming far too complicated. It seemed to me I was working as hard as any woman did for her man. I had never seen Bea’s earlier efforts to please me in this light. As I could see for myself, the effort to play the part was excruciating.

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The Lives Of The Saints – The Anatomy Of A Saint, Chapter One

April 15, 2009

I realize now the Goddess never cared one way or the other if I made love with Beatrice, as long as she was in my mind’s eye. But I was sure Bea would care if she knew about the initiating powers of this Nameless One. I held onto her. In the warm spring air, shot through with the ever-brightening light of the coming equinox, I sensed the goddess flitting in the wings, like Circe in Ovid’s tales of transformation.

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