The Lives Of The Saints


April 30, 2015

There are enough subscriptions now for the writer, barely revealed, but extensively manifested in what is presented here on the margins, to warn visitors and readers that I move back and forth over the pages, new and old, reworking sections. I consider Notes From The Margin, in its entirety, to be a work evolving.

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FOREWORD to The Anatomy Of A Saint, A Story

June 19, 2011

When I first wrote the Anthony Morales Story I hadn’t heard of sexting. Now ten years later, according to some surveys, at least sixty percent of us are sexting, or to use the lingo of the moment, do sexting. Are we talking masturbation? So what? Masturbation is no different than spitting, blowing your nose and all the other forms of organic elimination, physical or mental. Piss can poison a well and semen can trigger a birth. Ask the former governor of California. But let’s face it, males masturbate even when we’re having sex with real people. If you’re fucking the cultural image of sexy, you’re masturbating. We carry the image inside us. This isn’t tragic, it is what it is. Just ask all the women who are trying to fit the image. It’s the cornerstone of procreation. But love and sex are two different things. Sex is necessary since it can lead to love, but that will only happen if two people are willing to work beyond the attraction born of images. Someone who cares for you, which is the core of any loving relationship, won’t go on TV and expose you.

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Lives Of The Saints – The True But Often Apocraphal Story Of Thomas Vellum’s Beard, Part II:4

February 14, 2010

Besides learning new skills, they also will have a chance to invest in 401Ks managed by experts in our financial institutions, which I proudly add are the backbone of our nation. Down the road, Joe, when you retire at seventy from the military, you’ll have quite a nest egg for you and the little lady to live comfortably ever after. And because of new sophisticated lending instruments when you and the others return to our great country, you will be able to buy your own home without any money down. In the days to come, newly formed units of the Homeless Battalion will be arriving in Refugium. They will begin helping in the reconstruction of the country insuring that freedom and democracy take root. And who is better able to provide the inspiration to turn over a new leaf than our own fully inoculated homeless ambassadors of good will.

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Lives Of The Saints – The True But Often Apocraphal Story Of Thomas Vellum’s Beard, Part II:3

February 7, 2010

“ ‘As the days went on more and more gang members fell into the luxuries of freedom. They were taken off by naked beauties to what seemed unimaginable pleasure inside the dens of consumer heaven. Rumors abounded among those that remained that their fallen brothers had signed deeds, become home owners. Somehow through all this Ammonia resisted, encouraging the strongest of his followers to stand firm. He refused to eat the food provided, preferring the scraps to be found in the garbage disposal behind the kitchens. He refused to change his underwear. When they forced him to wear silk, his resolution grew adamant. He became inert, having to be carried around. He wet his clothes, soiled his silk garments. When the women came to caress him, he began to preach to them about the powers of abstention. He told them their bodies were sacred temples which shouldn’t be debased in acts of profit. The women clamored for assignments to his cell. . .’”

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Lives Of The Saints – The True But Often Apocraphal Story Of Thomas Vellum’s Beard, Part II:2

January 31, 2010

Here, TV holds his line, shaking his head in the negative. The man shrugs his shoulders and slowly shuffles off. “Evil,” according to the distant voice on the shelf, “will go through every means to strike fear in our way of life. The Terrorists have an alien view of life. They don’t understand the freedom of choice, the right to choose this facial cream over that facial cream. In fact, they don’t even know what facial cream is. The symbolic gesture of all terrorist is the unruly beard.” Vellum immediately reaches up to touch the beard he no longer sported. As he does he looks up at the camera eye. Then he breathes a sigh of relief. Five minutes later the clerk comes back and places the change and the key on the counter.

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Lives Of The Saints – The True But Often Apocraphal Story Of Thomas Vellum’s Beard, Part II:1

January 24, 2010

He sips his coffee, begins reading a story. The words flow evenly and then gather in momentum until the current pulls him over the edge into a labyrinth of foreign excitement along a route that becomes more and more familiar. He is rushing from word to word, anticipating what follows. The rendition of what is otherwise innocuous is cast in an exciting light, shadows and cabals, spies and counter spies. This is not a trivialized tale of everyday life but more like someone’s dream with its own logic. On the surface, the tale mimics real life. People are awaiting an imminent attack, yet it is the government that is doing the attacking. In this topsy-turvy world, where the fear of being attacked leads to a pre-emptive attack, the story narrows down to specifics, a well-known bearded celebrity, now in his fifties, decides to shave because his beard has whitened. He is afraid people see him as an old man.

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Lives Of The Saints – The True But Often Apocraphal Story Of Thomas Vellum’s Beard, Part I:7

January 17, 2010

“Well, I’m lucky there,” she said pausing with a smile. “But I feel closer to the others, all the others, whose names I will never know. Most of us don’t like the limelight. We just want to live and let live. These struggles don’t begin with us. But we always finish them. I believe in you, in what you stand for, but please, have mercy on all of us.” And she kissed him.

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Lives Of The Saints – The True But Often Apocraphal Story Of Thomas Vellum’s Beard, Part I:6

January 10, 2010

Why TV or his proponents should be hounded because of their appearance is deplorable. There is also a rumor that the government is creating a new agency to combat these frauds. One source, however, claims there is legitimate worry in some circles of the administration that Billy Barbudos, long time leader of Sybaris, is flooding our country with these bearded imposters in an effort to destabilize our way of life. Ironically, as we indicated earlier, we believe TV no longer wears a John Brown beard. At this moment in our narrative, all our leads indicate that TV has entered the heart and soul of ASS. It comes as a shock to us.

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Lives Of The Saints – The True But Often Apocraphal Story Of Thomas Vellum’s Beard, Part I:5

January 3, 2010

She was shimmering, at one moment appearing as if naked, in the next in silver lame, her short blond hair forming a halo around her porcelain features. The expression on her face was apathetic and her body looked used. The voice emanating from her seemed the trick of a ventriloquist, as if the real Judy Crucible was sitting behind a curtain, throwing her voice out so that the doll on stage seemed to be singing. And she was singing for him. He knew that. Her voice was in his ears, whispering her secrets to him. He began making his way toward the stage with Sandy in tow, only to realize that the stage never got any closer though his yearning intensified.

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