According to our HIs, that is Human Intelligence, AIs , that is Artificial Intelligence, will soon become a reality; although someone like Jaron Lanier (Who Owns The Future) might disagree in the timeline, since today’s giant “siren servers,” to use his words, only appear to be intelligent, thanks to our clever algorithms. Science Fiction(SF) is populated by AIs, some friendly, some malevolent; malevolence makes for more exciting SF so we gravitate toward stories of evil AIs, like Terminator; although in later versions the Terminator was reprogrammed to be a good AI. On the other hand, most malevolent characters both in fiction and in the real world are HIs.

Oddly, while the pros and cons of robotic intelligence are often discussed, no one ever discusses the dangers of Human Intelligence(HI). Yes, we hear each other complain about our species or despair over our endless wars, but we never attribute this to Intelligence the way we do to AIs, good intelligence, bad intelligence. The word “intelligence” has been cut from the dictionary and pasted to our secret service departments. It’s all about spies, getting the intel on our enemy. We Homo sapiens need to step back and evaluate our Intelligence as objectively as possible. Our shortcomings don’t need to be attributed to evil HIs. That would place us in a Manichean script of good vs. evil, a soup pot ever stirred by the righteous leaders of all religions. That might make an exciting pulpit speech as the collection basket is passed from sinner to sinner seeking redemption or an important message from the White House oval office advocating a pre-emptive attack on the bad guys launched hours ago. Unfortunately it’s less exciting, more prosaic. HIs, by nature, are simply short sighted. We have a memory span of approximately a generation. Though capable of great insights, HIs are blinded by a gene trait called acquisition. Some call it greed. Ayn Rand called greed good. It’s always good when someone turns the heads up, tails down on its edge and spins it around. But broadly speaking, myopia prohibits many HIs from working with others for the common good. Global Warming(GW) is the product of HI. While the ice caps melt, HIs still question their responsibility. The “Who Done It” becomes more important than the “How To Stop It.”

This leads the writer to wonder why no one has ever tried to emulate PIs, known to some gardeners as Plant Intelligence. As most gardeners know the PIs have it over HIs and AIs. PIs don’t question their place in the universe. They simply grow. They unfold their leaves and consume the light. They won’t buy a flat screen TV on sale when they were on their way to the grocery to buy milk for the baby. PIs, unlike HIs, know what they need.



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